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Upcoming Cleanups

December Clean Up

Annual “Happy Holidays – Healthy Beaches” Clean Up

Clean Up Date: December 26, 2014

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50 for 50 Campaign

November - December 2014

Keep Bermuda Beautiful has been talking trash for 50 years.

We know that people have not only listened --- but learned. Generations like you have grown up with KBB clean ups, and as a result, you respect our Island home. We know you wouldn’t dream of littering.

What’s the Problem Then?

Thanks to people like you, we have fought a hard fight together for 50 years. But our work is far from done because there are still those who litter. You only need to drive along our roads to see it. Each year KBB volunteers collect over 30 tonnes of litter and illegally dumped items from our roadsides, railway trails and beaches - litter that is terribly damaging to Bermuda’s environment and economy:

  • It’s ugly. That’s bad for us and our tourists.
  • It breeds mosquitoes and rats. That’s bad for our health.
  • It can lead to unsocial behaviour and crime. That’s bad for our neighbourhoods.
  • Wildlife dies from getting tangled or ingesting litter. That’s bad for our fragile environment.

Our Years of Success

With your help, for the past half-century KBB has been in every school and neighbourhood teaching people how to protect our Island’s greatest asset – its stunning natural beauty.

We have reached out to students and adults successfully with our education and community clean ups programmes. Last year alone we engaged 3,200 volunteers in clean-up activities and engaged over 1,000 students in schools, summer camps and after school programmes.

Solving our Litter Problem

Our goal, quite simply, is to work ourselves out of existence over the next 50 years. To do this we must reach those who are still unaware of the negative impact of littering. We must expand our programmes to reach every corner of the community.

Our vision is for a litter-free Bermuda where we can enjoy the pristine beauty of our Island for generations to come.

How Can You Help?

Our progress to date simply would not be possible without the support of people like you and the same can be said for our future.
In celebration of KBB’s 50th anniversary we are asking everyone who cares about Bermuda to support our work with a gift of $50.
And let’s keep the ‘trash talk’ going until the job is done!

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Easy divers: Members of the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club did their part for this year’s EY Bermuda Coastal Cleanup, pulling three scooters out of the water near Admiralty Park. Read more

KBB President's Award 2014 - Margaret Fergusson

The KBB President’s Award is a perpetual plaque award given each year to an organization or individual who deserves special recognition for work to help keep Bermuda beautiful and also promote environmental education. This year the award goes to recognize Margaret Fergusson for her School Garden initiative at Government House. Mrs. Fergusson’s idea is to get students involved in an environmental project who might otherwise be considered at high risk for exposure to gangs. Choosing the three closest schools -- West Pembroke, Northlands and Victor Scott Primary Schools – students have been busy growing Kitchen Gardens at Government House. Under the direction of Mrs. Fergusson and volunteers from The Garden Club, these young people are gaining skills and knowledge that they may not otherwise get. We applaud Mrs. Fergusson for providing this wonderful opportunity to Bermuda’s school children.
Video by Adrian Lathan.

Community Service Credit

Students can get involved with a selection of projects. Please click here to see a list of ways to get involved with KBB for community service credit.

Has KBB been to your school yet?

Our programmes are designed to engage, educate and to instil an understanding and respect for our environment

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KBB’s Current Programmes & Projects

This edition describes all of KBB’s school education programmes and community improvements programmes.

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