Previous Clean Ups

Happy Holidays Clean Up

It is a Christmas Day tradition for hundreds of Bermuda's residents to enjoy the day on the beach in the sun. Bringing along children, dogs, coolers full of champagne and donning Santa hats. And every year, KBB and the Parks Department prepare for the crowds - before and after - by putting out extra waste and bins and then doing a cleanup event on Boxing Day to restore the beach to its normal beautiful, clean and environmentally healthy state.

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September 2010 Marine Clean Up

It is a wonderful sight to see residents of Bermuda join together to help clean up after a hurricane, and that’s just what we did on Saturday, 25th September for KBB’s annual Marine Cleanup event. Approximately 400 volunteers helped clean up in 27 locations from Dockyard to St. Davids. A real cross-section of the community showed up to put their hands to work and picked up tons of man-made debris that was scattered on beaches, the rocky shoreline and our national parks. The original date for the annual event was Saturday, 18th September but Hurricane Igor was passing through. The revised date of the 25th of September allowed KBB volunteers to have a greater impact in the aftermath of the hurricane.

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July 2010 KBB Clean Up

On Saturday, July 17, KBB Volunteers had a party...a paintin' party. We had some fun painting over the graffiti on the building for the Playground bathrooms, then cleaned up all the litter and illegally dumped waste that was in the parking lots, in the marsh, and basically all over the place. It was great to leave the Playground in good shape for all the summercamp children who use the Playground every day.

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June 2010 KBB Clean Up

On Saturday, June 19, KBB Volunteers cleaned up a badly littered site in the woods near Barnes Corner. A vagrant had been living in this location some time ago and had created a riot of empty soda bottles, large rolls of plastic sheeting, discarded clothing, empty food containers, candy wrappers, a boom box, a radio and batteries by the dozens. The vagrant had moved on but left behind a real unsightly mess. There were two large areas where you couldn’t see the ground for all the litter. It took nine people three hours to restore the areas back to natural woodlands.

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May 2010 KBB Island Wide Spring Clean

On the weekend of May 15th & 16th, volunteers joined in to give Bermuda a Spring Clean! It was polka dots everywhere, as 434 volunteers cleaned up 43 locations across Bermuda and removed over 6 tons of debris from the land. The polka dots were from the Happy Trash bags donated by BGA. Blue recycling bags were donated by Butterfield & Vallis and bottled water was supplies by Barritts. Waste Collection trucks and teams were assisting with the clean up from Works & Engineering, the Corporation of Hamilton and Parks Department. It was truly a joint effort and KBB is so proud of all who participated!

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April 2010 KBB Clean Up

On Saturday April 24th, we cleaned up a large area including Canal Road, the Tennis Stadium and both parking lots, Bernard Park and Dutton Avenue. KBB volunteers were joined by Bermuda Youth Rugby players and coaches (Under 10s, 12s, 14s & 16s). There were approximately 65 volunteers in total. One team pulled 12 metal grocery carts from the canal along Dutton Avenue and a small mountain of bulky waste items. Another team scoured the bank leading up to Marsh Folly Road and found a discarded Blackwatch Pass road sign, a Do Not Enter sign, and the remains of a pedal bike. A team over on Canal Road cleaned the path to the BASA pool as well as along Canal Road past the horse stables. We did a very thorough clean up and made improvements to three areas used for sports: BASA pool, the Tennis Stadium and Bernard Park. Congratulations to all who took part!

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October 2009 KBB Clean Up

On Saturday 24th October, KBB held a clean up in the area around the Somerset Cricket Club. 21 volunteers worked for three hours and collected 64 bags of trash from Broome Street, Cricket Lane, Scott's Hill Road and the Railway Trail. We received positive comments from many residents in the neighbourhood who were happy to see the litter gone. We are particularly thankful to the Green Team at Validus Re who joined us for this clean up.
We also thank Arnold's Market in Somerset for donated ice and John Barritt & Son for donated bottled water.

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Island Wide Spring Clean Up

Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s Island Wide Spring Clean in May 2009 turned out to be the biggest and best for years. At least 543 volunteers turned out to put in over 1,000 hours of effort cleaning up nearly 6 tons of general trash and recyclables.

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Iron Kids Triathlon

Keep Bermuda Beautiful was at Capital G’s Iron Kid’s Triathlon with a fun Bottle and Can toss challenge.

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Lodge Point Lane Cleanup

Sixteen tons of bulky waste were hauled away from Lodge Point Lane over the weekend of March 21 thanks to the splendid efforts of KBB volunteers, men and machines from Waste Management, and the generous donation by Bell’s Skyline of a small excavator with tireless driver, Stevenson Richardson.

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Learning with Ms Gertie

There is a strange old character currently working with Keep Bermuda Beautiful. Her name is Ms. Gertie and she is happy to come out and talk to Nursery School and Primary School students about her life with litter.

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Pictures from Walk & Work

On Saturday, April 18 2009, the 78 participants in Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s first Walk and Work collected some 94 bags of trash on their roadside route from St. George’s to Ferry Reach.

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Pictures from our Devon Springs Cleanup

KBB’s cleanup on Devon Springs Road and Devon Springs Lane saw 25 volunteers, young and old, collecting 108 bags of trash, 57 black and 51 blue recyclables.

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