Hamilton Parish Community Clean-Up

The next community clean-up will be in Hamilton Parish from 9am – 11am on Sunday March 10th. Volunteers will meet in the parking lot at Blue Hole Park to clean the park’s beaches and trails. We will also do a roadside clean along North Shore Road to the Wilkinson Avenue round-a-bout. Sign up now and help keep Bermuda beautiful!

2024 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up

Join KBB for the annual Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up (GBBCU) during Earth Week (April 22 – 28). Thank you to BF&M for their sponsorship of this event, which is also known as Bermuda’s largest “Spring Clean”. The 2023 GBBCU involved more than SEVENTEEN HUNDRED VOLUNTEERS who removed over TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS of roadside litter and illegal dumping from SIXTY LOCATIONS across the island. You can get involved this year and make a difference by organizing a GBBCU clean-up group or volunteering for the GBBCU Grand Finale event in Devonshire on Sunday morning April 28. Register using the links below.

Bermuda - On The Front Lines Of Battling Ocean Pollution

Join KBB as we dive into how the global ocean pollution crisis is impacting Bermuda. The Bermuda Ocean Plastics Project and documentary are the result of a multi-year study with KBB, LookBermuda and Nonsuch Expeditions. The project was generously sponsored by AXIS and we thank all who were involved.

Volunteer to keep Bermuda clean, healthy and beautiful. Sign up for one of KBB’s organised clean ups, Adopt-a-Spot or host your own clean up.

KBB offers fun environmental waste reduction lessons, marine debris beach surveys, school assemblies, corporate lunch & learns and trash art.

At KBB, we do a lot of trash talkin’.  Here is your go to spot for Frequently Asked Questions, trash tips  and resources.

Join us as a member, become a corporate sponsor or make a charitable  donation.  Together we can make a big difference.
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Community cleanups are what we do at KBB. Click here to learn when our next cleanup is.  You can also reach out
to the KBB Office, 799-5142 or email office@kbb.bm to pick up a cleanup kit today! A cleanup kit includes
trash bags, recycling bags, gloves and you can borrow some litter grabbers. Students can get
community service hours if they fill in a form and take a photo of what they collect.


Together, the Government of Bermuda and KBB are addressing the problem of abandoned and derelict marine vessels in our local waters.
This joint initiative has received tremendous support from corporate and individual donors, and is gaining public interest throughout all of Bermuda.
To date, 85 boats have been formally approved for removal from our beautiful marine environment spanning the entire island.
Please contact office@kbb.bm to learn more about this amazing project or visit the Support Us page to make a donation.


Please join us and become a member of KBB. Details regarding membership can be found here.
Please email office@kbb.bm or call 799-5142 with questions or for help with your membership.

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