2023 GBBCU & Earth Month Highlights

Volunteers helped to clean up more than 25,000lb in litter and illegally dumped waste during a weeklong island-wide clean up.

Keep Bermuda Beautiful organised its 2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean Up, sponsored by BF&M and which took place during Earth Week from April 17 to 23.

In total, 1,273 GBBCU volunteers removed more than 25,000lb of trash and bulk waste from across the island, with 16,315lb being collected in one day — the grand finale event, a community clean-up in Smith’s on April 23.

“This means that more than two thirds of the GBBCU total weight was collected in a two-hour period from a small area in Smith’s,” a KBB spokeswoman said.

She added: “The GBBCU data totals are impressive, and somewhat shocking, as are the data totals for the whole of Earth Month. Between April 1 to 30, KBB co-ordinated 53 clean-ups with more than 1,700 volunteers who removed over 36,000lb of trash, bulk waste and recyclables from locations across the island.”

Traci Burgess, KBB’s executive director, said: “These numbers are staggering and highlight Bermuda’s chronic problem with littering, illegal dumping and ocean pollution.

“However, the awesome show of community engagement and the number of volunteers involved with KBB during Earth Month gives us great hope for the future.

“Through the power of partnerships and strong community connections, KBB is developing a united front to combat Bermuda’s waste management problems that are damaging human health and the environment.

“We believe that collaborating on solutions which focus on environmental action and education is key to leading the way to a cleaner, greener, healthier and more beautiful Bermuda for all.”

Ms Burgess added: “On behalf of KBB, we appreciate BF&M’s belief in our mission to reduce waste, eliminate litter and beautify the island through action and education.”

Stephanie Hanson, EVP and group COO of BF&M Limited, said: “We are fortunate to have an organisation such as KBB actively advocating for a cleaner and healthier Bermuda.

“This was our first year sponsoring the Great Big Bermuda Clean Up and we are thrilled with the impact that these clean-ups have made within our community.

“BF&M plans to continue its support of KBB and are happy to announce we have agreed to sign on as main sponsor of the GBBCU again in 2024.”

“The synergy between our two organisations produced phenomenal results for the 2023 GBBCU. BF&M’s support had such a positive impact on the week’s activities and we value the opportunity to continue expanding KBB’s reach through BF&M’s commitment to sponsor the 2024 Great Big Bermuda Clean Up.”

KBB thanked people who took part in the Smith’s community clean up including: Wilmot’s Trucking; Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo; Bermuda Zoological Society; Whitney Institute Middle School; Harrington Sound Workmen’s Club; Smith’s Parish Council; Crossroads Youth Football Club; Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Take Five Catering and Buzz and Rosewood Bermuda.

People can visit www.KBB.bm to subscribe for KBB’s monthly newsletter and learn how to get involved.

The Royal Gazette