2023 GBBCU & Earth Month Highlights

News  |  May 9, 2023

Volunteers helped to clean up more than 25,000lb in litter and illegally dumped waste during a weeklong island-wide clean up. Keep Bermuda Beautiful organised its 2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean Up, sponsored by BF&M and which took place during Earth Week from April 17 to 23... Read more

Reminder: Illegal Dumping In The City

News  |  May 4, 2023

[Updated with photos] The City of Hamilton is reminding the public that the “dumping of household trash that does not originate from within the City is illegal and violates the Waste Litter Control Act.” A spokesperson said, “The City will look to review CCTV footage an... Read more

Convex End-To-End Aiming For Sustainability

News  |  May 3, 2023

The 36th annual Convex End-to-End has “committed to delivering a sustainable event, building upon years of environmentally focused efforts.” A spokesperson said, “This year’s giveaway bags are canvas and all participants have been encouraged to bring their o... Read more

Photos: Govt Partners With KBB For Clean-Up

Articles  |  April 20, 2023

Recently, the Government of Bermuda held its first Public Service Community Clean-up event in partnership with Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB]. A Government spokesperson said, “Employee volunteers from various Government Ministries and Departments came together to clear a... Read more

TNN Facebook Live coverage of the 2023 Earth Day Challenge

Media Releases  |  April 20, 2023

TNN Facebook Live coverage of the 2023 Earth Day Challenge “Invest In Your Parish” press conference on Tuesday, April 18th, with KBB, Greenrock, BNT, BUEI and BOPP. Watch the replay now! ... Read more

ZBM TV News Clip – Earth Day Challenge 2023

Media Releases  |  April 18, 2023

ZBM TV News coverage of the 2023 Earth Day Challenge, a collaboration between Bermuda’s environmental non-profit organisations. Watch the report below and learn how you can get involved on Saturday, April 22nd. ... Read more

BF&M Kicks Off The 2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up

News  |  April 17, 2023

BF&M kicked off the 2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up at Parsons Road Playground on Monday, April 17th. Thank you to the 20 volunteers from BF&M removed over 1,200 pounds of litter and illegally dumped bulk waste from the playground and surrounding area. ... Read more

The Daily Hour (Episode 690) Understanding Earth Month

News  |  April 13, 2023

47,072 pounds of litter and illegally dumped waste was removed by 734 KBB volunteers in Q1 2023. Watch KBB’s April 13th appearance on The Daily Hour for the latest news from KBB and upcoming events. We’re also talking about Earth Month and the 2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up... Read more

KBB’s Spring Clean & Q1 Highlights

News  |  April 13, 2023

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Read the latest news and events from KBB. Lots of interesting information, Q1 impact summary and upcoming events that you won’t want to miss! ... Read more

2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up Interview

News  |  April 11, 2023

Thanks to Kendal Trott and ZBM TV News for reporting on KBB’s Q1 impact, the 2023 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up sponsored by BF&M, and the upcoming AGM. Watch the full interview for more details. ... Read more