Beyond Plastic Champions Programme Launches

Beyond Plastic Bermuda announced the launch of its programme for Bermuda businesses, ‘Beyond Plastic Champions’.

A spokesperson said, “The Beyond Plastic Champions programme is designed to recognise and encourage organisations in every industry on the island to take steps to reduce their single-use plastic usage.

“In support of The Bermuda Government’s impending single-use plastic legislation Beyond Plastic are encouraging businesses to take the first steps and pledge to remove single-use plastics from their operations.

“The Government’s intention is to ban twelve categories of items in the near future; whilst not an easy change, it is a vital one for the community. Bermuda has the opportunity to demonstrate how a community can live plastic free which will not only clean up the environment and improve our health but, also be attractive to travelers who seek out healthy and sustainable destinations”

Katie Berry, of Beyond Plastic added, “We are keen to assist businesses to try to move beyond plastic by saying no to single-use plastic. Our lives depend upon getting rid of single-use plastics. It’s bad for the environment, terrible for our health and a legacy we do not want to leave to our children, grandchildren and future generations to solve.

“Thus far the response by the business community to this campaign has been phenomenal. We are working with over 50 companies to achieve Champion status. We are thankful to these companies for leading the way and being Beyond Plastic Champions. Their participation helps build a wave of change that is needed to encourage people to give up the convenience of single-use plastics in favour of better choices for our environment, our health and our island.”

Beyond Plastic’s principal sponsor, Bacardi, was the first business to meet Champion status. “At Bacardi, we are committed to leading positive change, both within our business and within our communities,” said Douglas Mello, Managing Director of Bacardi’s Bermuda office.

“Doing the right thing for the long-term and looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic will lead to positive environmental changes that create a healthier future for our community. As a Beyond Plastic Champion for Change, we hope to inspire local businesses to join this impactful environmental campaign and help put an end to plastic pollution”

The spokesperson said, “Bacardi is joined by new Beyond Plastic Champions, the Hamilton Princess, RenaissanceRe, KPMG Bermuda, The Retreat, Conduit, Hiscox, Salt & Cedar, Hamilton Insurance Group, Deloitte, AXA XL, LOM, Redo, Conyers, Bermuda Audubon Society, Bermuda National Trust, Making Waves, Hamilton Trust, Cassine, Strata-G and Dolphin Quest who have all qualified by meeting the Champion requirements.

“Champions will receive a Champions badge for display on their website, social media and advertising, as well as a decal to display on their premises. Beyond Plastic will promote the Champions on their website, social media and also in newspaper advertising.

“To enquire about how your business can qualify to be a Beyond Plastic Champion, please contact them at or visit their website, for further information and to schedule a visit with your business to confirm your status. Depending on the type of business there may be up to three levels of ‘Champion’ status that are available; this is to acknowledge that it may take more time for certain businesses to become completely single-use plastic-free.

“BPB encourages the community to help support these businesses by reducing their own single-use plastic consumption, even if one item at a time. Begin by saying no to plastic bags, cutlery and sachets in take-out orders, plastic water and drink bottles, coffee cups and pods. Visit their website and see the many alternatives that can be used to substitute for single-use plastics and the simple swaps that can be made.”