Food Hub moves on plastics initiative

FoodHub and FourStar locations has ceased automatically giving out utensils and napkins, the organisation has announced.

They said the initiative, an effort to help the planet and decrease their environmental footprint, comes after statements by Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs — plus Keep Bermuda Beautiful and Beyond Plastic Bermuda — encouraged them to think more about their single-use plastic usage and wastage.

A spokeswoman said: “We are excited to announce a new programme demonstrating our commitment to the environment while providing a new sustainable way of dining.

“While utensils and napkins will no longer be given out automatically, they will be available. In order to receive utensils or napkins, customers need only to request from their server or click the button on our online ordering site.”

She added: “In speaking with many of our customers, we learnt that many had a growing pile of utensils and napkins at home, at work and some in their vehicles. We have received suggestions from numerous customers indicating that there was an opportunity to make a positive impact.”

Katie Berry, of Beyond Plastic Bermuda, said: “We congratulate FoodHub (Four Star) on taking this first step to reduce waste. We encourage other restaurants and takeout places to follow their lead and move beyond single-use. A little change makes a big difference.”

Traci Burgess, the executive director of KBB, added: “Thank you to FoodHub (Four Star) for taking up this initiative and making strides to reduce the company’s supply of single-use plastic products.”

The Royal Gazette