Golfers Partner With KBB To Help Clean Up

The Butterfield Bermuda Championship and professional golfer DA Points are partnering with Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] to clean-up and give back to the west end  communities.

A spokesperson said, “The Butterfield Bermuda Championship and PGA TOUR professional golfer, DA Points, are partnered with one of Bermuda’s leading environmental charities, Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB], to clean-up and give back to the Southampton and Sandys parish communities.

Mr. Points said, “Caring for the environment is a natural part of the golf culture. Being professional golfers, we spend most of our time outdoors, on the course, and enjoying nature whilst we play.

“We understand the impact these tournaments can have on the environment, both positive and negative, which is why I choose to give back to the local communities where I travel and play. It was good to learn about KBB’s reach across the island and cleaning up in the areas close to Port Royal Golf Course where the tournament is hosted.”

Leading up to the tournament, event organizers and Butterfield Bermuda Championship staff have been participating in KBB clean-ups every weekend since late September. Their consistent efforts have created an impact around the Rockaway Ferry dock, portions of the railway trail from the lighthouse to Frank’s Bay, and the area surrounding White Hill Field.

KBB’s Board President, Stefan Smith, said, “In addition to cleaning up, KBB is honored to partner with the Butterfield Bermuda Championship and Aspen Bermuda Limited [Aspen] in support of the tournament’s sustainability goals and waste management plan. This year’s event is moving towards zero waste by eliminating single-use plastics in all concession and hospitality settings, and providing separate bins for recyclable materials [tin, aluminum, and glass].”

Tournament Director, Danielle Baiunco, said, “Through our partnership with Aspen and KBB, we are setting the standard for best practice for hosting ‘green’ sporting events. Butterfield Bermuda Championship thanks Aspen for their belief in the tournament’s philosophy to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“KBB’s involvement with the waste management plan, combined with resources provided by the Government of Bermuda and Atcheson Ltd., is helping Butterfield Bermuda Championship to reach its overall sustainability goals and reduce the tournament’s environmental footprint.”

Butterfield Bermuda Championship’s sustainability plan, which is sponsored by Aspen, includes numerous Clear Water hydration stations around the entire golf course. Residents and visitors attending the event are reminded to bring their own refillable water bottles.

Adam Barboza, Aspen’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, added, “Aspen is a dedicated supporter of environmental sustainability through collaboration with our third sector partners.

“We are pleased to work with the Butterfield Bermuda Championship and KBB in support of the tournament’s sustainability goals. As one example of our collaborative commitment to the environment, the Butterfield Bermuda Championship and Aspen will be providing 2,000 reusable bottles to spectators over the four days of the tournament.”

Traci Burgess, KBB’s Executive Director, stated, “KBB is thrilled to be partnered with the Butterfield Bermuda Championship and Aspen for the tournament’s waste management plan. KBB is grateful for our long-standing partnership with Aspen and for their leadership in environmental stewardship. It is a privilege for KBB to be involved with the Butterfield Bermuda Championship and PGA TOUR.

“We are honored to collaborate with such a prestigious and well-organized professional sporting body that has a dedicated commitment to caring for the environment. KBB appreciates the tournament’s desire to minimize their environmental mark on our beautiful island home and we are thankful for their efforts that are helping to Keep Bermuda Beautiful.”

She continued by saying “Every single person has the power of choice and can contribute to positive changes that can help to preserve the environment. The theme for the tournament’s waste management plan is ‘You can reshape the future of climate change’. Rethink your lifestyle choices; reduce your personal consumption and waste; reuse as much as you can; and recycle [tin, aluminum, and glass]. KBB encourages all residents of Bermuda, and visitors alike, to remember these 4 R’s and start making choices that can contribute to creating a greater impact.”

The spokesperson said, “Visit to learn more about the charity and their mission to reduce waste, eliminate litter and beautify the island through action and education. You can also ‘like’ and ‘follow’ KBB on social media.”