Government Asks All Residents To Reduce Waste

BERMUDA, WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility is ageing and in need of repair. Government is calling on all residents to be mindful of the amount of waste we are producing in order to lessen the operational burden on the Tynes Bay facilities and equipment.

WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU? What is the alternative if Tynes Bay shuts down, even if only on a temporary basis? Where will our trash go? What will it look like and worse yet, what will it smell like? Imagine if waste from every household, hotel, restaurant, office building and business in Bermuda were to become backed up?

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? The time to act is NOW! Start by simply adding 3Rs to your DAILY ROUTINE:

  1. ⬇️ REDUCE the amount of daily waste (trash) you are generating by being mindful of your purchasing and consumption habits.

  2. 🔄 REUSE whatever you can and as often as possible by REFUSING disposable plastic products and switching to reusable items like fabric shopping bags, stainless steel or aluminum drink bottles, your own food take-put containers and cutlery from home.

  3. ♻️ RECYCLE (TAG) tin, aluminum and glass by purchasing products contained in these recyclable materials instead of single-use plastic (if there is not a reusable container option available).

Thank you in advance, Bermuda, for helping to keep our island home clean and beautiful!