Illegal dump clean-up helps raise $4,000 for KBB

A real estate agency partnered with Keep Bermuda Beautiful to tackle an illegal dump site in Warwick, with the successful clean-up sparking a $4,000 boost for the charity.

KW Bermuda staff joined neighbourhood residents and Wilmot’s Trucking to tackle the dump site on Tribe Road #6 as part of KW’s Global Red Day, which tasks KW real estates around the world to volunteer in their local communities.

The dump site was selected for the clean-up by Paul Wilmot, who has lived in the area his whole life.

“The neighbourhood children and adults use the tribe road for exercise, access to Harbour Road and as a shortcut to Spithead, the local swimming hole,” Mr Wilmot said.

“A few years ago, residents started noticing an unwanted trend with abandoned bikes and discarded appliances piling up on a cliff at the bottom of the tribe road.

“The site is at the edge of Harbour Road, which is difficult to access and was mostly hidden by invasive plants and trees that had grown over the area.”

Mr Wilmot said he had told KBB about the situation in the area and they invited KW Bermuda to get involved.

“The project seemed like a good fit for all and several young men from the neighbourhood lent a hand with cleaning up,” he added.

Albert Moura, KW Bermuda’s operating principle, said: “We have given back to a number of local charities over the past five years of volunteering for KW’s Global Red Day, most of which have involved providing social services to the community.

“This year, we wanted to turn our attention to the environment and contribute to keeping our island home clean and beautiful.”

Buddy Fleming, director of luxury at KW Bermuda, said they were thrilled to take part in the “total transformation” of the area.

“We watched the impact of our volunteer labour unfolding right before our eyes as the truck began to fill up with bike frames, appliances, and dozens of bags of trash and recyclables,” he said.

Mr Fleming added that the results were so impressive that it was highlighted by KW Realty International and sparked a $2,000 donation to KBB.

He said that he was so touched with the experience that he decided to match the donation himself.

“There we were, little Bermuda, in the spotlight on a global stage and I had the honour of speaking about our project and the difference we made on that hot summer morning back in May,” he said.

“It was truly a humbling experience for KW Bermuda and KBB to be recognised on such a monumental scale for the efforts of a small group of real estate agents and volunteers who came together to help clean up a neighbourhood.”

Traci Burgess, KBB’s executive director, thanked Mr Fleming, the volunteers and the KW team for their support.

“We’ve made a lot of good friends and done some really good work through this partnership,” Ms Burgess said. “We look forward to expanding KBB’s impact on the environment through future collaborations with KW Bermuda.

“Like Buddy and the team at KW, everyone can get involved and make a difference. It starts with the power of one. One person, one action, one step at a time.”

KBB’s next major event is the annual Island-Wide Coastal Clean-Up, which is being held from September 28 to October 8.

The Royal Gazette