Illegal trash dumping in Hamilton irks City

Hamilton sanitation workers continue to deal with trash dumped in the City from elsewhere in Bermuda, a spokeswoman said.

“A series of illegal dumping incidents have occurred in the last few days in the areas of Till’s Hill, Union Street, Court Street and Elliot Street,” she said.

“Not only are City sanitation workers discovering bags of dumped household waste, but there is also a worrying increase in dumped medical waste, industrial waste and old appliances and furnishings.”

Reminding the public that this dumping is illegal and irresponsible, Dwayne Caines, the chief executive of the City, said that anyone caught will be prosecuted.

He added: “City businesses and residents that pay city taxes abide by a collection schedule, imperative to the cleanliness of the City.

“They use City-issued wheelie bins so that their refuse is secured and the safety and health of the collection crews is not compromised.

“They also help to reduce rodents in the City, whereas dumped plastic bags with household refuse can serve to attract them.”

The spokeswoman reminded the public that bulky items dumped within the City, such as appliances and furniture, will be collected only by making an appointment, and no hazardous material, construction items or foliage will be picked up under any circumstances.

“Those who dump these items on City streets outside of these stipulations are committing an offence and liable to a fine,” she said.

Mr Caines added: “It is imperative that we all do our part to keep the City clean and safe for the wellbeing of all. If you can dump it in the City, you can dump it at Tynes Bay.”

The spokeswoman concluded: “The City implores the public to make smart decisions, to act responsibly and to do their part to engage in best practices as directed by the Government.”

Click here to see the city’s trash collection schedule and guidelines.

Royal Gazette