KBB Launches New Website

Board President Stefan Smith is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Keep Bermuda Beautiful.  He noted, “We wanted to have a clean and modern website with improved functionality. The new site is easy to navigate, provides lots of fun facts and clear information on the various ways people can get involved. One of the best new features is the ability to accept credit card payments to make it super easy for members and donors to support us.” 

The project began last year under the direction of former Executive Director Anne Hyde who admits that a new website was long overdue.  When the pandemic slowed the activities of KBB cleanups and Litter Lessons in schools, it was the perfect timing to focus on this much needed communication tool.  She remarked, “Stephan Johnstone at SJD World was hired to help design and build the new site.  We are so pleased with the finished product, the enhanced functionality and the ability for KBB to manage the content going forward.  Stephan at SJD World was so helpful in guiding us to a finished product that reflects what we had envisioned – only better.  Everyone knows that KBB is famous for cleanups.  But most people may not know all the other great things, like providing litter lessons, conducting research on ocean plastics, and sharing in a wide network of partnerships.  We may be a small environmental nonprofit but we manage to have a big impact across the whole island.”

There have been several changes lately at Keep Bermuda Beautiful which have sparked a lot of attention.  Kate Berry was appointed in January as the new Executive Director.  Ms. Berry brings years of experience in fund development to KBB.  A new Board President and Treasurer joined the leadership, as Stefan Smith and Cassy Blake, respectively.  Additionally, Anne Hyde stepped down from running the day to day but stepped up to join the leadership team on the Board of Directors.   Changes, some chosen and some not (like the pandemic) have given KBB a huge boost; add to that new CMS software and the new website. It all adds up to the silver lining for KBB during this pandemic-lull period.   Check it out https://www.kbb.bm