KBB removes derelict boat from Spanish Point

Keep Bermuda Beautiful removed a derelict boat from Stovell Bay in Spanish Point yesterday.

The effort was in line with charity’s partnership with the Government to remove old and abandoned vessels from the island’s waters.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources last month issued a 30-day notice to claim 29 boats found in Mill’s Creek; Riddell’s Bay, Fairylands Creek, Lagoon Park, Spanish Point, Boaz Island, Mullet Bay, Ely’s Harbour and Great Bay that were potentially subject to disposal.

Boats not claimed within that time could be removed and taken to the airport dump and any hazardous waste on board would be shipped overseas.

According to the Marine and Ports (Dumping) Regulations 1967, the Minister of Transport can order that any abandoned vessel “likely to become unsightly or prejudicial to the free navigation” of Bermuda’s waters be disposed.

Amy Shillingford, of KBB, previously said the organisation was “not only removing sunken abandoned or derelict vessels with this joint government initiative, but the charity is committed to developing a permanent solution to the problem with the ability to remove ADVs before they become an environmental hazard or danger to swimmers and boaters.”

More than 80 boats have been removed since the initiative was started in 2022, at a cost of $180,000, which was provided by private and corporate sponsors.

Royal Gazette