Parish (Area)Location DescriptionVolunteers NeededDivers or Boats Needed
DockyardMoresby’s Plain (North & South Coves)10-15
SandysGlass Beach & Dockyard Beach5-10
SandysBlack Bay Beach5
SandysParson’s Bay & Lagoon Bay10-15
SandysBay Road & Woody’s  Drive10-15Divers
SandysWatford Bridge to Sandy’s Boat Club10Divers
SomersetMangrove Bay & Mangrove Bay Road10-15Divers
SomersetCambridge Road & Somerset Public Dock 10Divers
SomersetSomerset Long Bay20-30
SomersetDaniel’s Head20-30
Somerset9 Beaches (Daniel’s Head)20-30
SomersetPackwood Home (Beach)5
SomersetEly’s Harbour Beach, Road Side & Public Dock 10-15
SouthamptonRockaway Ferry Dock & Tribe Road #5 5-10
SouthamptonEvans Bay & Evans Bay Road 5-10
SouthamptonWhale Bay5-10
SouthamptonFrank’s Bay5-10
SouthamptonChurch Bay5-10
SouthamptonHorseshoe Bay to Hidden Beach 15-20
WarwickRiddell’s Bay Public Dock5-10Divers
WarwickChaplin Bay, Elsbeth Beach & Jobson’s Cove15-20
WarwickWarwick Long Bay15-20
WarwickAstwood Cove & Astwood Park 15-20
WarwickSouthlands Beach & Road Side10-15
WarwickAstwood Walk (100 Steps) 5-10
PagetElbow Beach (Including Public Entrance & Roadside)10-15
PagetCoral Beach5-10
PagetGrape Bay Beach5-10
PagetRed Hole Dock5-10
PembrokeAdmiralty Beach & Clarence Cove10-15Divers
PembrokeSpanish Point Park & Pontoons10-15Divers
PembrokeDucking Stool & Park5-10Divers
DevonshireDevonshire Dock & Dock Hill10-15Divers
DevonshireHungry Bay 10
DevonshireVicker’s Bay 10
DevonshireDoe Bay (Kent Avenue)10
DevonshireCox Bay (Ariel Sands)5-10
DevonshireDevonshire Bay5-10Divers
DevonshireRobinson Bay Park (Tynes Bay)10
SmithsPenhurst Public Dock & Park10Divers
SmithsDevil’s Hole Public Dock10-15Divers
SmithsSpittal Pond East & West15-20
SmithsJohn Smith’s Bay15-20
SmithsHarrington Sound Public Dock5-10Divers
Hamilton ParishShark Hole5-10Divers
Hamilton ParishRailway Trail (Flatts to Shelly Bay)10-15
Hamilton ParishShelly Bay (Beach, Park & Burchall’s Cove)30-40
Hamilton ParishConey Island10-15
Hamilton ParishBlue Hole Park & Walsingham 15-20
St.George’sCauseway to #1 Gate (Roadside to Waterside)15-20
St.David’s #1 Gate to Southside10-15Divers
St.David’s St.Davids Dock5-10Divers
St.David’s Clearwater Beach & Turtle Bay30-40
St.David’s Well Bay, Cooper’s Island30-40
St.David’s St.Davids Battery 15-20Boats
St.David’s Great Head & Little Head Parks BoatsBoats
Ferry ReachWhalebone Bay to #2 Parks Gate10-15Divers
Ferry Reach#2 Parks Gate to Ferry Point Park 10-15
St.George’sWindsor Beach (Tuckers Town)5-10
St.George’sFrick’s Beach (Tuckers Town)5-10
St.George’sTobacco Bay & Coot’s Pond15-20Divers
St.George’sMullet Bay & Rocky Hill Park 15-20Divers
St.George’sAchilles Bay & Fort Staint Cathrine 10-15
St.George’sDrews Bay5
St.George’sBuilding Bay Beach & Gates Fort 5-10
St.George’sEast End Coastal Islands (Hen, Smiths and Paget)10-15
St.George’sNarrows Bay 5