KBB offers free learning activities for students from curriculum-related classroom materials and assemblies with the Litter Critter mascot to hands-on fieldwork, beach surveys and art workshops. We also offer informative corporate lunch & learns, waste reduction  presentations and artful bins for adults.  Select your activity from the list below and contact us to arrange.

School Assemblies

School assemblies and presentations with special guest appearances from mascots the Litter Critter &/or Loop the Recycling Bird. Note: mascot bookings require two weeks notice.

Classroom Learning

Curriculum-based classroom learning and critical thinking activities for primary, middle and senior students to help our teachers deliver environmental lessons.

Community Service

KBB clean ups are an easy way to get your community service hours completed for school. KBB is also an approved activity provider for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Field Trips

Hands-on experiences in the field including clean ups and marine debris beach surveys for added impact.


Monitoring plastic ocean pollution and what is washing ashore. Do a waste audit at your school or business.

Lunch & Learns

Keep your Green Team and employees at your company informed on ways to reduce waste and single-use plastics.

Artful Bins

Artful Bins delivers a creative lesson in re-use. Plastic barrels are decorated and repurposed as waste bins for use in parks and playgrounds.

Trash Art

Highlighting the crisis of plastic pollution with a creative activity that uses ocean plastics to create sculptures, posters and wall art.

Interactive Learning

To suit every type of student, we have a range of educational material for visual, auditory, reading/writing and tactile learners.