You can make a donation, become a member or provide sponsorship. It is quick and easy. 
Simply use your credit card.  We are also happy to receive online payments, or a cheque in the mail. If you are a Butterfield Bank customer you can donate directly, choose KBB from the vendor list. We appreciate any and all donations!


Make a birthday donation or support ocean clean ups.  Your gift goes a long way and can have a significant beneficial impact.

Abandoned Boat Project

Make a donation and support our Abandoned Boat Project.

Become A Member

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Regular membership and corporate membership support litter clean ups and litter lessons through the year.  

Beyond Plastic

Make a donation and support our Beyond Plastic Project.

Sponsor a KBB Event

Become a corporate sponsor to support one of the KBB monthly or annual terrestrial or coastal events.

Sponsor KBB Supplies

Sponsor specific cleanup supplies.  KBB will make the purchase and use the items for a future clean up event.