Transport ministry tackles abandoned vehicles

The Ministry of Transport has announced a crackdown on abandoned vehicles around the island.

Owners will be found and ticketed for abandoned vehicles and will be given two weeks to collect them before they are towed away.

Wayne Furbert, the Minister of Transport, said: “The proliferation of abandoned vehicles across the island is an eyesore, a detriment to our environment and the safety of our residents.

“In addition, abandoned vehicles can become potential breeding grounds for pests, pose fire hazards and potentially obstruct traffic flow in some areas.”

He added: “Residents have raised concerns about abandoned vehicles, and the Department of Transport Control has taken decisive action to tackle the issue of abandoned bikes, cars and public service and commercial vehicles.

“This effort will require devoted staffing resources over a specific period and include a public appeal to help identify abandoned vehicles.”

Mr Furbert said that tickets will serve as an official notice of a vehicle’s impending removal.

He said that while the legal requirement is a seven-day notification before removal, TCD would allow owners 14 days to collect vehicles so that there is “ample time for vehicle owners to rectify the situation”.

Mr Furbert added: “Following the collection of the abandoned vehicles, we will make a public announcement about their successful removal from public lands, and remind owners that upon a 30-day gazetted notice the vehicle can be disposed of.”

The transport ministry has called upon the public to help report abandoned vehicles.

Residents have been asked to contact the ministry by e-mailing or calling 292-1271 with the location and details, such as make and model or colour, of the vehicle.

Mr Furbert said: “I must emphasise the importance of responsible vehicle ownership, and encourage individuals to take responsibility for vehicles they no longer wish to keep.

“Responsible ownership includes properly disposing of vehicles through the correct channels or donating the vehicle to charitable organisations whenever possible.

“The Ministry of Transport appreciates the public’s support and co-operation in ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for all residents.”

Royal Gazette