KBB's Annual Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up
(Earth Week)

The Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up (GBBCU) is an annual event hosted by KBB and generously sponsored by BF&M. It includes upwards of 1,500 volunteers cleaning at more than 60 land-based locations across the island, all of which takes place during Earth Week every April. The week ends with a GBBCU Grand Finale Event that is held in a different parish each year.
KBB clean-ups take place all throughout the year, but the GBBCU is one of two large impact events KBB coordinates on a yearly basis. The Island-Wide Coastal Clean-Up is the other annual event, which is held every October.
Thank you to KBB’s corporate partners like BF&M, community collaborators and the thousands of volunteers who are making a difference by taking action in support of KBB’s vision for a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Bermuda for all. Contact KBB to learn how you can get involved.