ZBM Report on KBB’s 2022 Activities

News  |  January 4, 2023

Kendall Trott reports on KBB’s 2022 clean-ups, abandoned boats project, the Beyond Plastic campaign and going plastic-free for 2023. ... Read more

Christmas Day revellers leave Elbow Beach in good shape

News  |  January 3, 2023

Revellers have been praised for leaving Elbow Beach clean after the annual Christmas Day party. According to Traci Burgess, the executive director of Keep Bermuda Beautiful, which helps with waste management for the event, more than 1,300lb of trash was collected on the beac... Read more

Sixteen ways to reduce single-use plastics in your daily life

News  |  December 29, 2022

As every year passes, climate change and its consequences become increasingly evident. Unfortunately, as we watch huge plumes of toxic gases being pumped into the air and see vast garbage patches in the ocean, followed by pictures of dead sea creatures, droughts and flooding, ma... Read more

Please Keep Elbow Beach Clean On Christmas

News  |  December 22, 2022

“Everyone is encouraged to “act responsibly and remember to reduce, reuse and recycle to help minimise the amount of waste generated by this event” at the Christmas Day celebrations at Elbow Beach. A spokesperson said, “Christmas Day at Elbow Beach, which is orga... Read more


News  |  December 20, 2022

The Abandoned Boats Project, a joint initiative between Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) and the Government of Bermuda, has removed 55 abandoned and derelict marine vessels from local waters since May 2022. The project, which aims to clean up the local marine environment, reduce env... Read more

Season’s Greetings & 2022 End Of Year Highlights From KBB

News  |  December 15, 2022

From the Board of Directors and staff of KBB, we wish you and your families all the best for a happy and healthy holiday season, and a prosperous start to the new year! 2022 has been a phenomenal year of growth for KBB, none of which would have been possible without a tre... Read more

Ten tips for a happy, plastic-free Christmas

News  |  December 9, 2022

‘Tis the season for stuff! Fun things such as stuffing a turkey, stuffing a stocking, buying stuff, wrapping stuff and giving stuff. Unfortunately most stuff comes wrapped in plastic, which then has to be thrown away. With so much going on at this time of year, it is easy t... Read more

There’s money in reusable foodware

News  |  November 22, 2022

We all love take-out, but when a flimsy container gives way and spills the contents onto our laps, not so much. When the plastic container is burning hot, not so much. When we see all the litter in our environment, not so much. And when we read about the negative health effec... Read more


News  |  November 21, 2022

ZBM TV News reports on the second annual Youth Climate Summit (YCS) at BUEI, which was held the week of November 21st, 2022. KBB is an active programme partner in YCS. We are pleased to support Bermuda's youth and the objectives of YCS. ... Read more

TV News: Abandoned Boat

News  |  November 21, 2022

ZBM TV News reports on the removal of an abandoned sailboat that washed ashore during Hurricane Fiona. Amy Shillingford, KBB's Project Lead for the Abandoned Boats Project, gives an update on the status of the project, number of boats removed to date, and next steps regarding... Read more